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Our story

Davis Home, established by Jennifer Davis, the creative force behind the Davis Interiors Brand, presents a unique assortment of handpicked and curated home decor. Infused with old-world charm and a lived-in aesthetic, each piece reflects Jennifer's discerning design sensibility, imparting a timeless and personalized touch to every home. Discover Davis Home for a thoughtfully selected decor that elevates spaces into cozy and welcoming sanctuaries.

In our journey collaborating with interior design clients, the challenge of sourcing distinctive home decor became evident. Recognizing the shared difficulty faced by both our clients and ourselves, we embarked on a quest to discover artisans whose creations weren't readily available in mainstream outlets like big box stores or Amazon.

At Davis Home, our vision is to assemble a collection that embodies individuality and adds a touch of exclusivity to every home. More than just a store, Davis Home serves as a destination for those who value crafting a home with pieces that resonate with their distinctive taste and style.